Contler is composed by three platforms that complete the cycle of service.

The entire hotel one click away

We create a web service platform personalized with the identity, services and areas of the hotel, Contler is behind it but your hotel is on top.
Anything the guest might need can be asked through us in a matter of seconds.

  • Reservations

  • Reception

  • Transportation

  • Restaurants

  • House Keeping

  • Inmediate Requests

  • Maintenance

  • Late Check-out

  • Lost & Found

  • Wake Up Calls

Immediate notification for the employees

For the employees of the hotel, we developed Contler Staff. An app that can be used by them to know exactly what is needed and keep track of every service and request made in the hotel.

We divide the employees in service areas to optimize the operations and make sure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to do.

Not every employee needs to have a phone with them to be part of Contler Staff. Everyone will be in the system, but only the assigned employees by the hotel will have a phone with them to know the information right away and communicate it to the rest of the team.

Traceability of everything that happens in the hotel

For the managers, we created a management portal; allowing them to have access to all the relevant information on what’s happening in the daily operation.

From there, they can create and edit the availability of products, services, areas and employees. They’ll also see reports about the guests feedback, employees performance and other important information for the hotel.



What can we do for you?


Improve your staff efficiency

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Optimize your operation costs

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Increase your internal sales

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Measure your employees

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Improve guest satisfaction

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Mateo Bolivar - Founder & CEO


Ruben Lardi - Founder Switzerland & COO


Martha Sierra - Business Development


Lorena Bayona - Design


Ricardo Mejia - Tech Leader

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In the actual context, Contler is helping hotels to reduce risks of contagion without sacrificing guest experience


  • Less contact with the employees
  • Social distancing
  • Order in reservations
  • All the hotel services to their hand

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We love helping small and medium sized hotels reaching their guests. Email our office using mateo@contler.com or call us using +41 (078) 227-2369.

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