A new way to interact with your hotel.

Contler puts the entire hotel, just one click away. We democratize the access to high-quality technology for hotels around the world.

The Modern Guest Experience tailored to your needs.The Modern Guest Experience tailored to your needs.

The Modern Guest Experience tailored to your needs.

Increase internal sales.

Contler allows your guest to easily order anything in a matter of seconds. We digitize manual processes to enhance guest experience and cause an immediate improvement of internal sales.


Improve staff efficiency.

Allow staff to be in the right place at the right time!

Simplify time consuming tasks into smoothly running processes . Contler enables you to keep track of all requests and manage them in an easy and efficient way. Assign tasks automatically to the right departement and transparently inform your guests about the completion of their needs. Accessible on any Smart device – desktop, tablet, phone or even smart watch!

Measure what really matters.

Own your daily business.

Gain full transparency over your operation. Remotely monitor open requests, guest activity and create special offers to improve your results in real time. (Multi-property control available for hotel groups)

Quick and simple implementation.


Select your preferred plan according to your hotel needs.


Customize the solution with your branding, pictures, menus & services


Open Contler Staff in the phones and computers of the hotel. Activate the notifications.


Choose the design of your QR Codes and put them all around the hotel for your guest to start interacting.

Book a demo.

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